Venmo Recurring Payments: Is It Possible in 2023?


By FintechHop

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Can Venmo payments be scheduled? Learn how to set up recurring payments using 3 different options.

At the moment, Venmo does not support automatic payments. To complete a Venmo transaction, you need to open the app and view it from start to finish, including selecting the recipient, setting the amount and verifying your credentials.

It is possible to set up recurring payments on Venmo for your routine expenses if you have already been using Venmo for some time.

Can You Set Up Recurring Payments on Venmo?

At the moment, Venmo does not offer recurring payments. If you wish to subscribe to a particular product or service, you must pay manually for each transaction monthly.

EMIs, monthly subscription fees, and installments can be paid on time with recurring payments.

Can You Schedule Payments on Venmo?

Scheduling payments is not allowed with Venmo, whether it is a one-time or recurring transaction.

Therefore, Venmo does not allow you to set a payment’s due date ahead of time, so you must open the app on the day of the payment and complete the transaction as normal.

What Are Recurring Payments? 

One point where Venmo differs from other money transfer apps which allow recurring payments is that it does not allow users to set recurring payments up to date.

Venmo’s trust feature is the only one that reduces the number of steps users have to take. You can’t automate payments with this feature, but it can be helpful in a number of ways. It facilitates auto-payment of recurring expenses, but it also requires some effort from you.

Venmo recurring payments

What Other Money-Sharing Apps Allow Recurring Payments?

The following services offer recurring payments, but allow you to pay through Venmo as well. If you’re an avid Venmo user, but you can’t live without the recurring payment feature, check out the list below.

Cash App

Users can transfer and share money from their phones using the Cash app, another widely used service. 

As opposed to Venmo, Cash App lets you set up recurring payments so you can pay your subscriptions and installments on time without being inconvenienced. You can then disable this feature without a lot of hassle once you are finished with your payments.


Now, PayPal offers automatic payments, even though Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal, doesn’t. Recurring payments cannot be set up for users without a business account in PayPal. 

In exchange for a small processing fee, it allows businesses to automate payments for their products and services. Simply follow the steps on this page to establish a subscription plan or recurring payment for your customers. 


As long as you have enough money in your account to send the amount you’re sending, Wise, formerly TransferWise, also allows scheduled transfers and automated/recurring payments.

As soon as you specify a date for your payment, the service will send the money on that date to the selected recipient. It is important to keep in mind that the recipient may not be able to receive the money the same day it was sent. 

Insufficient funds, insufficient information, or incorrect recipient details may also result in the transaction failing. Unless you explicitly cancel the scheduled payment, the service will not stop sending the money. Make sure to double-check those details.


Venmo does not support recurring payments. Venmo does not have a recurring payment feature, so you can’t set up recurring payments there. 

Therefore, your subscriptions, rent, or whatever else you owe can’t be automatically paid on the due date. The app must be accessed on the applicable date, provided you don’t forget, and the payment process followed, albeit a bit lengthy.

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