What Happens When You Remind Someone on Venmo in 2023?


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Is your friend unable to make the Venmo payment? Would you like to remind them? Here’s what happens when you remind someone on Venmo? If that’s the case, this is the right place for you.

Learn how to send reminders on Venmo, where to send them, and when you need to send them by reading this post. When you remind someone via Venmo, what happens?

When Should I Use the Venmo “Remind” Feature?

Now that you know there are reminder options for users who are yet to pay, you might wonder, “when should I use the reminder feature? ”. You can do this in any way you want, but you probably don’t want something awkward.

Despite the fact that you may be tempted to “remind” someone more often than you would like, you shouldn’t overuse this helpful tool. In order to ensure the payment is sent in a timely manner, Venmo recommends reminding the user four days after you first requested payment.

However, Venmo users suggest waiting about 48 hours before sending a reminder, according to a survey. However, many Venmo users believe that the payment should be completed within 24 hours. As a result, it would be best to choose a time that works for you.

It is still possible to use the reminder function frequently in some cases. It’s not a problem to send the reminder daily or every two days if you’ve used the reminder feature as recommended and have yet to see a positive response.

What happens when you remind someone on Venmo?

When you remind someone via Venmo, they receive a notification.

Venmo’s reminder feature lets you reach out to friends who haven’t completed their payment yet.

You can remind anyone who has not yet paid at any time. However, Venmo’s data shows that 67 percent of U.S. users think that reminding someone about a payment within four days is appropriate.

What does a Venmo reminder look like?

The Venmo payment request was sent to me by email earlier today. Eventually, you might compare it to a payment request you might send to a friend for money they owe you.

You will receive a notification that reminds someone when you inform them that you are requesting x amount of money through Venmo. This reminder will appear after you inform someone that you have requested x amount of money on the note.

As a result, the Venmo reminder you received looks identical to the Venmo payment request you sent to your friend. The payment is not accompanied by any additional notes like it is with other payment methods.

Does Venmo Send Automatic Reminders?

No, there is no automatic reminder for pending payments in Venmo. A reminder was sent to you by the person who charged you.

In other words, if you receive a Venmo payment reminder notification from someone, they are reminding you to send them the payment they are awaiting. A reminder is not automatically sent by Venmo.

It is not yet possible to set up automatic reminders. However, many users have expressed interest in automatic payments

 There is a ‘Reminder’ feature that reminds you when the next payment is due.

If the sender forgets to remind the receiver, this feature will ensure they receive the notification.

How To Remind Someone On Venmo?

The first step to reminding someone on Venmo is to request the amount they owe you. Also, you can include a note about what you are requesting.

Venmo provides an option to remind your friends about the payment when they don’t complete the request, which you can find by following the steps below.

How to request money on Venmo?

  • If you haven’t already, open the Venmo app and log in.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click the draft option (a pen and dollar sign).
  • To request money from someone, type their username.
  • Please enter the amount.
  • Click on ‘Request.’
  • You will now need to tap on the ‘Confirm’ button.


The Venmo payment app is a peer-to-peer mobile payment service owned by PayPal. The Venmo app allows users to send and receive money easily. Moreover, it provided you with a Venmo card, which can be used anywhere debit cards can be accepted, such as ATMs and online retailers that accept debit cards. It is also possible to withdraw cash from an ATM or buy items both online and offline using a Venmo card.

Venmo also allows you to split bills with friends, such as dinner, cab rides, and even apartment rent. You can split all of these bills via Venmo with your friends.

The post describes how you can remind your friend about the pending payment if you pay the whole amount and ask him to pay the other half, but he fails to do so, so you can use the Venmo reminder option mentioned above in the post to remind him.

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