How To Send Venmo Link In Text in 2023? 3 Best Methods


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Would you like to know “How To Send Venmo Link?” There you go, you’re on the right page.

Following days of research, I’m finally here with the most comprehensive article on the Venmo link query.

You can send your Venmo link pretty easily if you follow these steps.

Open the QR code scanner, tap the displaying “Venmo Me” and work with the QR code to send Venmo Link in Text.

For the process to run smoothly, you must also be aware of a few other things.

What is my Venmo URL or Link?

Venmo Username is your Venmo link or URL. You can find your Venmo URL by going to settings, scrolling down to share, and pasting it.

QR codes can also be used for payment because they are simply URLs/links, just in a different form. 

Venmo users who click the link to your profile usually open it in their Venmo app when you share it with them. The link can be shared in a variety of ways.

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Can you share your Venmo Link?

Yes, By sharing QR codes, direct links, and deep-app links, you can add your Venmo link to any of your social media accounts, bios, and even your website.

To learn how each method works, keep reading and choose the method that best suits your needs.

It would be easy to complete your transactions among your family and friends if you shared your Venmo profile link through these methods.

How To Send Venmo Link? Share your Venmo Link

How to share your Venmo Link - FintechHop
How To Send Venmo Link – FintechHop

To help you share your Venmo profile link successfully, we’ll walk you through each step in detail.

1. QR Codes

Adding, finding, and paying your friends and family on Venmo would be easier with QR codes

Open the Venmo app and point your camera at the “Venmo Me” QR code you want to scan. The QR code will take you directly to the profile page of your friend after you scan it. Once they are added as a friend, you can send or request funds to them. 

As well as sharing your “Venmo Me” QR code using email, social media, printed media, and text messages, you can also send it via email.

In addition, finding your QR code is simple; just tap the “Scan” button at the bottom of the screen. You can quickly and easily share the link to your Venmo profile with this method.

2. Direct Links

You can also use your own account link, which is called a direct link. To redirect your followers and other Venmo users to your Venmo profile, you can share this link on your social media accounts.

From your web browser, you can also copy the direct link to your account by right-clicking on the web address. 

It is possible, however, to run into problems when sharing direct links. Users may be redirected to their accounts before connecting or transacting with you if they access your profile. It is possible for the majority of users to find this approach time-consuming and frustrating.

3. Deep-App Links

Your Venmo profile should be accessible from the app of the person you shared the Venmo link with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. You can determine whether it worked based on a number of factors, including the context in which you shared the link, the browser you used, and the device used to click it.

To open the Venmo app directly from your profile, the link might need deep-app linking capabilities. 

You would also need secure control over the fallback experience if the person you’re transacting with doesn’t have Venmo installed. It may be necessary to redirect the user to a landing page, featuring several options for funds transfer.

You can also create a deep link directly and test it without installing additional apps using platforms like URLgenius.

First, we need to

  • On the URL genius homepage, paste the link to your Venmo profile
  • Choose “Compose Deep-link” from the menu.
  • Once the link is activated, you will be redirected to the “Settings” page.
  • Paste the link anywhere; in your social media accounts, bio, email, website, or even on an app. 

Despite not having a Venmo account, other users can access your profile directly through these deep-app links. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding “How To Send Venmo Link?”

  1. What is the safest way to link Venmo?

    The Safest Way to Link Venmo currently would be to Link a credit card instead of your bank account

  2. Is it safe to share your Venmo link?

    Yes, it is safe to share your Venmo link however it could be potentially risky due to decent amount of scams lately emulating from someone else’s profile 

  3. Does Venmo have a link to pay?

    Yes, Venmo provides a “Pay with Venmo” option which generates a link that can be shared with others to receive payments. This feature is often used in online stores for seamless transactions.

  4. What does Venmo link to?

    Venmo primarily links to your bank account, debit card, or credit card, which allows you to send and receive money.

    It also links to your phone contacts and social media platforms for easy transactions among friends and acquaintances.


It’s as simple as sharing your Venmo profile link with the person you want to send or receive money from to make your transactions successful. There you have your question “How To Send Venmo Link” answered!

Your profile link can be shared quickly and securely by using QR codes. You can also create a direct link to your Venmo account using the deep-app link platforms.

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