How to Get Receipts from Venmo Payment?


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Due to the intimidating nature of online payments, you likely want to know ahead of time if Venmo sends receipts after each transaction. Take a look at all the alternatives available. 

Can I get a Venmo receipt?

Venmo receipts are not available, but there is a way around that. offers a Venmo receipt template you can edit with your purchase details, and then download the finalized Venmo receipt. Choose “Statement” > “Download your history” to view your statement.

Venmo, PayPal’s daughter company, allows friends and family to do financial transactions more smoothly through social payments. Among the young generation, Venmo has become a verb, so popular that it has become a verb in its own right. 

Money is not someone’s favorite topic, which explains its popularity. You can send your friends a transaction request on the Venmo app instead of constantly reminding them to pay you back. If you split a dinner bill or a cab fare, the same applies. 

In casual or close relationships, this is often enough, but not in more professional situations. The documentation you need for Venmo purchases and payments, for instance, is likely to be solid. Learn about: “Does Target Accepts Venmo?”

Does Venmo Provide Receipts?

In spite of the fact that Venmo does not have a receipt-sending feature, it does offer a few other options. Third-party websites and apps can still send/receive receipts for Venmo transactions. In the transaction history, you can see a history of all your payments. 

The best way to create a Venmo receipt

Use the Venmo Receipt Template at to make a Venmo payment receipt. Once you have finished editing the Venmo receipt, you can click “Download” to create a perfect receipt that appears to have been created by Venmo itself. You can easily edit the Venmo receipt template on the screen by updating the name, the value, and the purchase description.

  1. You can find expenseFAST at 
  2. Click on “Venmo receipt template”
  3. Input the purchase details such as the buyer’s name, the purchase value, and the purchase description into the template
  4. Receive your finalized receipt by downloading it 
  5. Save or share receipts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Venmo Send Email Receipts? 

Emails are not sent with each transaction in Venmo, but reminders are sent. Regularly check your transaction history is recommended by these emails. Once you’ve been active for a month, or at least once a quarter, you’re likely to receive one of those emails. 

How Can I Tell if a Venmo Payment Was Received? 

Venmo sends notifications to both parties once a payment has been successful. Your transaction history will also show the transaction. 


As a result, you will need to use third-party apps and websites to send and receive receipts after every transaction. You can create receipts by filling out templates on these websites and saving them. 

It is then possible to save the receipts or send them by SMS or email. Intuit QuickBooks, expenseFast, and ExpressExpense are examples of such websites. However, there are a lot of websites to choose from, so make sure you do your research before choosing a website. Remember to always check the trustworthiness and security of any website or app you use. 

In addition to checking your transaction history, you can also access Venmo’s website or app. 

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