How To Get Money Out Of a Frozen Venmo Account? (2023)


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In the case of a frozen Venmo account, you will not be able to withdraw the amount from it. The only way to fix the problem is to actually unfreeze the account first. Venmo accounts that have been frozen cannot be used for withdrawing funds, making purchases, or transferring money. You need to unblock a frozen account to get access to your money. Venmo’s customer support can assist in unfreezing your account.

What Causes Venmo Accounts To Be Frozen?

If your Venmo account is frozen, there are many reasons for it. You receive an email indicating that a recent bank account transaction failed, follow the prompts in the app to resolve the issue. You will temporarily lose access to your Venmo account until the funds are paid back.

1. Insufficient Funds

In some cases, your account may be frozen because you attempted a transaction while you lacked enough funds. Until you can repay the money, your account will be frozen due to insufficient funds.

2. Exceeding The Transfer Limit

You may not be able to send or receive any more funds if you’ve exceeded your transfer limit on Venmo.

At the moment, Venmo has a weekly transfer limit of $999.99 without requiring ID verification. The maximum you can transfer each week is $19,999.99 if your ID has been verified. After a week, these limits are reset.

The maximum amount you can transfer at one time is $2,999.99, even after your identity has been verified. Learn about: Venmo Transaction Limit.

3. Security Issues

The security of its accounts is of utmost importance to Venmo. To protect you and your money, they may temporarily freeze your account if they suspect someone is accessing it without authorization.

As a result, your money is generally protected against malicious users gaining access to your account.

When your account has been locked for security reasons or you believe it has been compromised, change your password immediately and contact Venmo support for further assistance. If you share login information with other financial services accounts, you should also change their passwords.

4. Violating Venmo’s User Agreement

Violations of Venmo’s terms and conditions may result in your account being frozen. Check Venmo’s User Agreement before contacting them to unfreeze your account to make sure you didn’t accidentally violate anything.

It is possible that Venmo won’t unfreeze your account if you violated the agreement. To avoid any issues later on, ensure that you read and understand every clause of the agreement.

5. Technical Error

As a last resort, accounts may be frozen in rare cases due to technical difficulties.

How to Unfreeze Your Venmo Account?

Depending on why your Venmo account was frozen in the first place, you will have to take different steps to unfreeze it. The following steps will help you unfreeze your account.

1. Check Your Email

Check your Venmo account’s email address first. A Venmo email that provides more information about your frozen account is often sent when your account is frozen.

2. Pay Any Owed Money

Paying back the amount owed using a debit card is the fastest way to reinstate your Venmo account. Bank payments can also be made, but keep in mind that they may take a few days to process.

The repayment amount can be edited if you are unable to pay back the full amount. Select “Pay” and enter your payment amount before clicking “Pay.”  

Venmo will automatically apply any payments you receive to the balance you owe them. You can expect the funds to appear in your Venmo account within three to five business days.

3. Contact Venmo Support

Your account may have been frozen without you being notified, so the first thing you should do is contact Venmo support if you didn’t receive an email.

Alternatively, if your account was frozen and an email was sent to you, you need to reply to that one too. Venmo support will be able to assist you if they didn’t send you an email.

1. Open the Venmo app.

2.  Tap the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Venmo support procedure

3. Tap “Get Help” at the bottom of the menu.

Contact Venmo Support (get help)

4. Tap the “Contact Us” option.

Tap on the contact us option on Venmo

5. Choosing “Chat with Us” will allow you to talk to a live operator.

How To Get Money Out Of a Frozen Venmo Account? (2023) - FintechHop

Easy Method to Unfreeze a Venmo Account

Transfer funds to the Venmo account

The Venmo account can be unblocked with this method, but it can also be frozen if you transfer more than the allowed amount. Add funds to your account to unblock it by following these steps:

  • It is important that your account is properly verified. The account cannot be topped up otherwise.
  • You can now add funds by logging into your web browser and selecting “Add Funds”. Upon selecting this option, you will be given the option to transfer funds directly from your bank account, which will take three to five days.

Your account will be unfrozen within a few days of completing the process. The second method must be tried if the first does not work.

Tips to avoid account freezing

Here are some practical steps you can take to avoid your Venmo accounts being frozen:

  • If your credit card or bank account runs out of funds, you will need to resolve this as soon as possible before continuing to make payments.
  • It is against the User Agreement to share account information with others.
  • Infrequently used devices are the main cause of your account being frozen, so you should only log in using personal devices.


You should be able to unfreeze your account and receive your money soon enough now that you understand why your account might be frozen.

You should be able to solve the issue and unfreeze the account with the help of customer support, whether you need to pay your debt or confirm your identity.

So don’t worry, your money will be with you in no time.

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