How to Find Someone on Venmo – 3 Different Ways in 2023


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Is Venmo making it difficult for you to find your friends? Find out how to find their accounts using Android, iOS, and QR scans.

The Venmo app allows you to exchange funds with your friends and family via a peer-to-peer payment service. You can send emoji-filled messages on your phone instead of awkwardly exchanging money with your family members.

The home feed on Venmo also functions as a social app where you can see what your friends are doing. Basically, Venmo enables you to pay anyone directly. On the other hand, finding people on the app is a major challenge.

How to Find Someone on Venmo?

Venmo allows you to find someone’s account and pin it down in several ways. Manual search is the simplest method. Using a mobile app or scanning your friends’ QR codes will also enable you to access their profiles.

Follow these steps first if you want to search manually for someone:

Use the search function 

Adding someone who isn’t nearby isn’t a problem. To find them, simply type their name or username into the search bar. 

1. The Search People Menu allows you to search for friends by typing their names or usernames.

2. Select a profile from the list.

3. Tap “Add Friend” under their name once you’ve verified their picture and information.

Scan a QR code

You can scan the QR code associated with the account of the person you want to find on Venmo if you are in the same room with them.

1. On the Search People menu, tap “Scan Code.”.

2. During the menu, have your friend tap the icon above their profile picture to reveal their code.

3. The QR code will be recognized by the app when you hold it under the camera of your phone.

4. By tapping the little “Add Friend” button that appears under their name (if they have already been added, this button will only say “Friends”), you can add them to your friend’s list.

How to sync your contacts on Venmo?

If you have your friend’s phone numbers or are friends on Facebook, you’ll be able to easily sync them to your Venmo contacts list at once. 

1. Click on the second button from the bottom of the main menu, “Settings”.

2. Tap the fifth option under Preferences, “Friends & Social.”.

3. The switch next to “Phone Contacts” must be toggled to the position in order for your contacts to be automatically added. Make sure you have the Facebook Connect switch turned on before adding Facebook friends automatically by switching on the “Facebook Contacts” switch. 

Your Venmo friend’s list will be automatically updated once you add your phone contacts and friends on Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Is It Difficult to Find Users on Venmo?

Most people now use Venmo as a result of its popularity after the pandemic. The app might make it difficult to find someone’s account.

Users can hide their profiles and transactions due to recent changes to their privacy policies. A much-requested feature, this option allows strangers to view a user’s purchases without their permission, has been long requested by users.

Also, Venmo gives you the option of picking whatever username you like, so some people won’t use their formal names as their usernames.

Unlimited username variations may result in their usernames being hidden or lost.


You can search for your friends and family on Venmo in several ways, as you can see. The manual search engine is the fastest if you know the person’s username.

You can, however, use their QR code if they have a customized username. Last but not least, syncing your phone’s or Facebook’s contact list with the Venmo app might be your last resort if all else fails.

You should also remind your friend to let others find them on Venmo by checking their privacy settings. You can also save time by checking their spelling and updating their email addresses and phone numbers on your phone.

You can also check our other article on the site that explains how you can remove friends from Venmo if you decide to remove them after finding them and adding them.

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