How To Add Venmo Card to Apple Wallet in 2023?


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Here’s where you can learn how to add a Venmo card to your Apple Wallet. Find out by reading this article. The best of both worlds is what we are sure you will want to enjoy. If you’re a new Venmo user, you’re probably wondering: “Can you add Venmo to your Apple wallet? ”

There is no direct integration between Venmo and Apple Wallet, so you cannot add a Venmo card. Apple Pay is not supported by Venmo, although users can add their credit cards to Google PayTM and Samsung Pay. 

Apple Wallet users will be able to add credit cards to Venmo soon if Venmo supports Apple Pay®.

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Here’s why Venmo can’t be added to your Apple Wallet and how to solve it.

Why You Can’t Add a Venmo Card to Apple Wallet?

To get a better understanding of why this problem may be occurring, let’s share a little bit of background between both companies.

Besides being available for Android users, Venmo is also available for iOS users. Only iOS users can use Apple Wallet. 

Besides supporting most credit and debit cards from banks, Apple Wallet also has its own debit card, Apple Cash.

Furthermore, Venmo can be used not only as a payment method but also as a wallet to store your money. A debit card is also available through Venmo that is linked to an account balance.

As a result, Venmo and Apple Pay® are clearly competitors with similar features. It may be because of this that they do not cooperate.

Venmo credit card

Apple Pay and Venmo credit cards compete for users’ mobile funds. Venmo offers the same cashback program as Square, but both services let you pay with your phone.

 Venmo does not give you the option to manage your account through your phone, but Apple credit card does.

Using the app, you can purchase online without using a physical card. The service is extremely convenient in the case of lost or stolen cards. There are many benefits to using a virtual card, including convenience and security. In case you forget your physical card at home, you can still purchase it.

In addition to analyzing your spending patterns, you can access your previous credit card statements through the app. The app also allows you to pay your bill. 3% automatic cashback is offered on your highest spending categories with this credit card if you’re a regular Venmo user.

You can now transfer money between Apple Pay and Venmo if you’ve been looking for that option. This process has been made even more accessible through a recent partnership between the two companies. You can use Apple Pay Cash or directly add money to Venmo with Apple Pay. Bank transfers are also possible with Venmo. Weekly limits are $2,500.

Transferring money from Venmo to Apple Pay requires a good or excellent credit score. FICO scores range from 670 to 800, with a good score around 670. In addition to earning rewards on your purchases, you can also earn points. On your top spending category, you can earn up to 3% cash back, on everything else, you can earn up to 2%.

Venmo debit card

The Venmo debit card can be added to Apple Pay if you are a Venmo user. Venmo wants to work with Apple, although Apple has not yet adopted the Venmo app. This problem can be overcome, fortunately. In addition to Samsung and Google virtual wallets, you can choose other virtual wallets.

Apple Pay makes it simple and free to link your Venmo debit card. With your Venmo credit card, you can use Apple Pay anywhere that accepts the payment method. PayPal cards can also be used with Apple Pay. With a Venmo debit card, you can simply link your bank account.

Additionally, Venmo credit cards are also available. Besides earning cashback rewards on each purchase through the app, this card is also issued by Synchrony Bank. However, when used for person-to-person payments, the Venmo debit card will charge a fee of 3%. In contrast to other cashback credit cards, the process is different. Furthermore, you can manage your Venmo account in one place with a Venmo credit card.

A computer or a manual method can be used to add your bank account. Incorrect entries will lead to unsuccessful transactions, so make sure you enter the amounts correctly. Before transferring money, check the balance of your bank account. You may need to wait a day or two before the transfer is processed once you have added your bank account. Learn about: How to Get a New Venmo Card?

Ways to transfer money from Venmo to Apple Pay

Adding your bank account to the Venmo app is the first step to transferring money. Venmo balances can be used to pay for purchases once they have been verified. Your iOS device’s Apple Pay app will open once you’ve connected your bank account. You can send money instantly after completing the verification process, or you can transfer money over a period of time.

Apple Pay’s disadvantage is that you cannot make a direct transfer from Venmo to Apple Pay. Your bank account can, however, be indirectly transferred to your Venmo account. Sending money with a debit card is required for this. You can withdraw cash from ATMs and transfer money from your bank account to Venmo this way. The $2,500 weekly limit, however, should be noted.

A further advantage of Apple Pay is that it supports instant transfers, which means that you don’t have to wait for the payment to be processed. Wallet users can initiate transfers by selecting the plus button in the upper right corner of the app. Enter your debit card information according to the instructions on the screen. By scanning your debit card, you can also manually enter your card details.

Credit and debit cards are accepted by Apple Pay. Furthermore, you can access your Apple ID balance and PayPal account through the app. There are no fees and no hassles involved in transferring money, regardless of how you choose to do it. Fast and secure payments are available through the app.

Adding a Debit Card to Venmo to Cash Out

After learning that Venmo can be used to transfer money from Apple Wallet to Venmo, you may want to link a debit card as soon as possible. Adding a debit card to Venmo for Apple Wallet transfer is easy with these step-by-step instructions.

  1. You can use your Venmo account details to log into the Venmo app on your phone.
  2. Using the “You” tab, select the icon representing a single person.
  3. Click “Payment Methods” in the setting gear.
  4. Click “Card” under “Add Bank or Card”.
  5. Save your changes after entering your debit card information in the text field provided.

Cashing Out Funds From Venmo to a Linked Debit Card

If you have successfully added a debit card to your Venmo account, the next step is to cash out. Your Venmo account can be linked to a debit card by following the steps below.

  • Open the Venmo app and log in.
  • Then click on the “You” tab.
  • Under your profile picture, tap “Add or Transfer”.
  • On the next screen, enter the amount you wish to transfer to your debit card.
  • You can choose between “Instant” or “3 Business Days”. While the former is free, the latter is subject to a small fee.
  • Debit cards can be selected according to your preferences.
  • Confirm details by reviewing them.
  • To transfer, tap the transfer button.

How to Move Funds From Apple Wallet to a Linked Debit Card?

The next step you might need to know if you’re new to Venmo is how to transfer funds from Apple Wallet to a debit card. This is how it works.

  • Open Apple Wallet on your iPhone
  • You can access your “Apple Cash Card” by tapping on the Apple icon at the top of the screen
  • Select the three-dot “More” icon
  • Choose “Transfer to Bank”
  • Select “Next” after entering the amount you wish to transfer
  • Click “Instant Transfer” and enter your debit card information


Apple Wallet does not support Venmo cards right now. As serious competitors, Venmo and Apple Pay® don’t seem too far-fetched. Their differences will hopefully be resolved with time.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Apple Wallet and Venmo support adding cards.

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