Does Walmart Accept Venmo in 2023?

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In-store and online purchases at Walmart can be made using Venmo. The Venmo app needs to be installed on your smartphone and a QR code must be scanned at the checkout counter to use Venmo at Walmart. accepts Venmo payments through PayPal, and on the PayPal page, choose Venmo. In-store and online Venmo purchases at Walmart are free of transaction fees.

A popular mobile payment application among millennials, Venmo is used to split bills among friends or repay family loans. Consumers use the app not only to pay for items online but also to pay for goods in-store at stores such as Walmart. Venmo requires one to three business days to process transfers from your credit card, debit card, and bank account.

Can You Use Venmo at Walmart? 

In-store and online purchases are both supported by Venmo at Walmart. You can scan a QR code at the checkout counter using the Venmo app by hitting the “Scan” button. Before your Venmo balance is charged, you must confirm the purchase. 

Alternatively, you can generate a QR code by tapping the “Show to Pay” button within the Venmo app. When the cashier scans the QR code, the purchase can be completed.

If you wish to use Venmo to pay for items on, use your preferred mobile phone browser. If you want to pay with PayPal, choose that option once you’ve finished. PayPal will direct you to Venmo’s website so you can choose the payment method. You can also purchase right away by clicking a Venmo button on some merchants’ websites.

Is Walmart accepting Venmo QR codes?

Venmo QR codes are accepted by Walmart. You can complete the purchase by scanning the QR code at the cash register using the Venmo app.

  Your Venmo app includes a “Show to Pay” button which generates a QR code that you can present to the cashier.

Venmo at Walmart store

What are the steps for using Venmo at Walmart online?

Venmo can also be used to pay online at through the Venmo app or through your mobile browser. The process is as follows:

Your Mobile Browsers

Venmo is only compatible with mobile browsers and selects PayPal merchants. Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome are the only apps that support Venmo on iOS and Android, respectively.

When you shop at, you can use Venmo to pay with your mobile browser. After you’ve completed your purchase, proceed to the checkout page to select PayPal. In order to complete the transaction, you will be directed to PayPal’s website. Next, select Venmo as your payment method and tap it.

Use the Venmo App

You can use Venmo for online purchases by using the latest version of the app. Here are the steps to follow:

  • To access the buying section, go to settings 
  • Use Venmo to pay during checkout by tapping Enable Mobile Web Purchase or Connect Browsers. 
  • From the Venmo app, you can browse directly.  
  • You can complete the purchase by tapping the Venmo button at the checkout after you’ve finished shopping.

What are the best way to use Venmo at Walmart in-store?

By scanning Venmo QR codes in-store, you can make contactless purchases. It is necessary to download and install the Venmo app before you can use your Venmo account to make in-store purchases at Walmart. Create a secure password, verify your phone number, and choose a signup method once the app has been downloaded.

Scan the Walmart’s QR Code

You will receive a QR code from the cashier after your order has been processed. You can scan a merchant’s QR code with the Venmo app by tapping the “Scan” button. Your purchase will be confirmed by a screen prompt. As soon as you confirm, the payment is processed, and the money will be deducted from your Venmo balance.

Allow Walmart to Scan Your QR Code

Venmo QR codes may be required by the cashier. When using Venmo, tap “Show to Pay” on the app. To complete the transaction, present your QR code to the cashier for scanning. Venmo will debit your Venmo balance once the QR code has been scanned. The cashier can scan your QR code before you change the payment method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Charge Additional Transaction Fees Using Venmo?

If you pay with Venmo in-store or online, Walmart will not charge you any additional transaction fees.

Does Every Walmart Accept Venmo?

Almost all Walmart stores across the country accept Venmo. With this contactless payment method, you can make payments quickly and easily. When checking out, it is a good idea to see if your payment method is accepted.

Online purchases can also be made with Venmo. Walmart’s website can be accessed on a smartphone. Pay for some or all of your items with your Venmo app when you arrive at the checkout.

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