Does Target Accept Venmo QR Code? Easy Step by Step Guide 


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Venmo has emerged as a popular choice, offering a seamless and secure way to manage payments. 

But Does Target Accept Venmo QR Code?

Yes, Target accepts Venmo QR Code as a payment method for both online and in-store purchases. This means you can use your Venmo balance or a linked card or bank account to pay for your items at Target. 

One of the perks of using Venmo at Target is the potential to earn cashback rewards on your purchases!

We’ll dive into whether Target accepts payments via Venmo QR codes, any promocodes available and many methods to make easy methods to pay via Venmo at Target.

Does Target Accept Venmo QR Code?

Yes, Target does accept Venmo QR Code as a form of payment. This applies to both in-store and online purchases, providing customers with a convenient and secure method of transaction.

By using the Venmo QR Code, shoppers can directly use their Venmo balance or a linked card or bank account for their purchases. This integration of digital wallet services like Venmo into retail shopping experiences like Target is a significant step towards a more seamless and cashless future in retail.

What are the steps to set up a Venmo account for use at Target?

To use Venmo QR Code at Target, you first need to ensure your Venmo account is properly set up. Start by downloading the Venmo app from your device’s app store and create an account if you haven’t already. Once your account is active, you’ll need to link it to your preferred payment method. This could be a bank account, debit card, or credit card.

The process is simple:

  • Open the Venmo app and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Select “Payment Methods” and then choose “Add a bank or card.”
  • Follow the prompts to add your chosen payment method.

Once your payment method is verified, you’re ready to use your Venmo account for purchases at Target. Remember, the money sent to you via Venmo will appear in your Venmo balance, which you can also use for your purchases. 

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How to Pay with Venmo QR Code at Target?

Whether you’re at a self-checkout counter or a regular cash register, you can use your Venmo QR code to pay for your purchases.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the process of using your Venmo QR Code at Target. The process is quite straightforward and easy for you to follow:

  • Informing the Sales Associate: When you’re ready to pay, inform the sales associate that you wish to use Venmo.

    They are trained to guide customers through different payment methods and will assist you in the process.

    If you’re at a self-checkout counter, the machine will provide on-screen instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Scanning Target’s QR Code: The cashier or self-checkout machine will present a QR code when it’s time to pay. To scan this code, open your Venmo app and tap the “Scan” button to launch your device’s camera.

    Ensure the app has access to your camera. Position your device so that the QR code is within the camera’s viewfinder.

    Once the app recognizes the QR code, confirm the purchase. The payment amount will be deducted from your Venmo balance or the linked payment method.
  • Presenting Your QR Code: In some instances, you might be asked to present a QR code for Target to scan.
    In this case, open your Venmo app and tap the “Show to Pay” button. This action generates a unique QR code that you can present to the cashier or self-checkout machine. Once the code is scanned, your transaction is complete.
  • Finalizing the Transaction: After the QR code is scanned and the payment is processed, you will receive a notification on your Venmo app confirming the transaction.

    Make sure to check this notification to ensure that the correct amount has been deducted.

This process ensures a contactless, secure, and efficient payment method, making your shopping experience at Target seamless and convenient.

Remember, whether you’re scanning Target’s QR code or presenting your own, ensure that the Venmo app has access to your camera. 

Alternative Ways to Pay with Venmo at Target

Does Target Accept Venmo QR Code?

Apart from the QR code method, 

Venmo users have another option to pay at Target – the Venmo Card. This physical card, backed by Mastercard, can be used at Target and any other retailer that accepts Mastercard.

The Venmo Card not only offers the convenience of cashless transactions but also comes with additional perks. For instance, users can earn cashback on their purchases at Target, enhancing the shopping experience.

Occasionally, Venmo may run special promotions that increase the cashback percentage, providing even more value to the users.

Applying for the Venmo Card is a straightforward process that can be done directly from the Venmo app. Once approved, the card is delivered to the user’s address, ready for use at Target and other retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What stores accept Venmo pay?

    Many popular stores and retailers accept Venmo as a payment method. Some examples include Walmart, Target, Uber, Uber Eats, Best Buy, Forever 21, Foot Locker, and Sephora. However, it’s important to note that acceptance may vary by location and individual store policies.

    It’s always a good idea to check with the specific store or retailer to confirm their acceptance of Venmo as a payment option.

  2. Can you use Venmo at checkout?

    Yes, you can use Venmo at checkout. Select Venmo as a payment option and complete the transaction using your Venmo balance or the linked payment method.

  3. Can I pay with Venmo at Walmart?

    Yes, you can pay at Walmart with Venmo with your Venmo card or the app QR feature. However, Make sure your Venmo account is connected to a valid bank account while making card payments.

  4. Do all places accept Venmo cards?

    Not all places accept Venmo cards. Acceptance of Venmo cards may vary depending on the specific merchant or establishment.

    It is recommended to check with the individual business beforehand to confirm if they accept Venmo cards as a form of payment.


The convenience of cashless transactions is undeniable. Target’s acceptance of Venmo QR Code payments is a testament to this trend, offering customers a secure, quick, and rewarding way to shop.

Hope we answered your question “Does Target Accept Venmo QR Code?”

Whether you’re making in-store purchases or shopping online, Venmo provides a seamless payment experience. So, why wait? Embrace the future of retail and make your next Target purchase with Venmo QR Code.

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