Does Etsy Take Venmo in 2023? How to Use Venmo on Etsy?


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Using Venmo on Etsy is not possible directly, but you can use your Venmo Card when you make a purchase there. Etsy also accepts credit cards, debit cards, Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Credit, Etsy Coupon, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer services, and mobile payments.

On Etsy, creative people can sell their own products and connect with their buyers. The following is a complete guide to using Etsy.

Is Venmo compatible with Etsy vendors? Find out more in this article.

Online shopping has become more convenient because of mobile payment apps, such as Venmo. 

What Payment Methods Does Etsy Accept?

You can pay for items on Etsy with your linked debit or credit card if it’s accepted in your area. Besides Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credit, Etsy buyers can use Google Pay, Apple Pay, Etsy Gift Cards, and Etsy Coupons. 

US buyers may be able to use PayPal along with some bank transfers for purchases. There are limited payment options available through Etsy in a number of countries outside the US. 

Can You Link a Venmo Account to Your Etsy Store?

Etsy stores cannot currently be linked to Venmo accounts. In the “Other” section of the checkout page, sellers could choose Venmo as a preferred payment method. 

In their policy FAQs, sellers must specify their preferred payment method so buyers know what they can choose. However, Etsy Payments have replaced the “Other” option as of October 2020. 

There are currently only a few payment methods available on Etsy for buyers and sellers. You can add any payment method to your Etsy store if it supports card linking.

How to Buy on Etsy with Venmo Card?

  1. Click here to visit Etsy’s official website
  2. The Search field allows you to search for specific items or shops in the categories.
  3. Tap on the “Add to basket” button when you’ve found a product you like.
  4. You can select your preferred payment method once your order is ready in your cart.
  5. Click Checkout to continue
  6. Make sure your Etsy shipping address and payment information are correct.
  7. Select Place your order.

Payments on Etsy

You must sign up for Etsy Payments if you sell on Etsy. Let’s check out this feature.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Etsy Payments?

You can get paid on Etsy easily with Etsy Payments. Payments can be accepted using credit and debit cards, bank services, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Using the same service, you’ll receive payments as well as your buyers’ payments.

Signing Up for Etsy Payments

Your bank account will need to be verified during the signup process. A minimum age of 18 is also required.

A few of the countries that accept Etsy Payments include the U.S., UK, Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam, Germany, and Australia.

There is a possibility that you won’t be able to use Etsy Payments if Etsy Payments isn’t available in your country. Visit Etsy Payments’ sign-up page to learn more.

When you use Etsy’s services, you will be charged a fee. Defaulting on payment will result in the amount appearing as overdue. Following these steps will guide you through the payment process:

  • The Etsy app’s “Sell” icon can be accessed by selecting “More”.
  • Choose “Finances”.
  • To access your payment account, tap on “Payment Account”.
  • You can pay now by clicking on “Pay Now” under “Amount Due”.
  • You can enter your payment amount here.
  • Submit your payment using your preferred method.


Users can make payments online and in stores with the Venmo app. In terms of payments and receipts, Etsy does not offer much support to Venmo users. 

Even the recent PayPal integration with Venmo hasn’t changed much about Venmo’s status on Etsy. It’s recommended to use other supported payment methods like PayPal or Etsy Payments to process purchases and withdrawals. 

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