Does DoorDash Take Venmo in 2023?


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You can pay for your Doordash order with your Venmo Debit Card but you can not use Venmo directly. There is no interconnection between Venmo and DoorDash yet, unlike other food delivery services like Uber Eats.

Families and friends could send money and split bills more easily using PayPal’s digital wallet.

Does DoorDash Take Venmo?

DoorDash’s payment network does not accept Venmo, but other competitors like Amazon do. Even so, Venmo can still be used to purchase DoorDash gift cards, which can be redeemed for in-app purchases.

If you do not want to use your DoorDash gift card as a payment method, you can use the other methods DoorDash accepts as a payment method, including credit or debit cards, PayPal, and DoorDash gift cards.

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How to Pay with Venmo at DoorDash?

Adding Venmo at Doordash

Linking your Venmo account to DoorDash is necessary to use Venmo on DoorDash.

  • Go to the ‘Payment’ section of the DoorDash app.
  • Select Venmo from the list of payment methods under ‘Add Payment Method’.
  • A Venmo login screen will appear and you will be asked to authorize DoorDash access to your Venmo account.
  • Your DoorDash orders will now be able to be paid for with Venmo once you have done this.

Your DoorDash orders can still be paid for using Venmo. You can pay for your orders with Venmo even if it’s not listed as an option during checkout.

  • In order to make a payment on Venmo, you need to log into your account and click “make a payment”.
  • Choosing a business or individual to pay for is the next step. Any Venmo user who receives payment can do this, whether it’s your DoorDash driver, your restaurant, or anyone else.
  • Input the amount that you wish to pay once you have selected the person or business you wish to pay.
  • Select Venmo as your payment method after entering the amount.
  • Once the payment has been processed, Venmo sends it to the recipient.

DoorDash Gift Cards

Some people don’t need another card at their disposal, and others already have too many cards at their disposal. Venmo isn’t for everyone. Buying DoorDash gift cards is another possible solution for you to consider.

DoorDash rewards you with in-app credit when you redeem your gift card.

All of that is great, but what role does Venmo play in this scenario? It’s quite simple! Your DoorDash gift cards are only as good as the payment method you use.

Target accepts Venmo payments, as do several other retailers that sell DoorDash gift cards. If you want to pay for a DoorDash gift card using Venmo, you can add it to your basket and select Venmo when prompted.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to redeem your gift card.

  1. Go to DoorDash’s website or app.
  2. Until you reach the “Account” menu, navigate your way around.
  3. The next step is to choose “Credits and Gift Cards.”
  4. Make sure you can clearly see all the PINs on the back of your DoorDash gift card by scratching it.
  5. The DoorDash balance will increase as soon as you enter the PIN for your gift card.

You won’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned money with DoorDash gift cards since they have no expiration date.

Therefore, DoorDash cards can be redeemed on your terms and only when you need to boost your balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order food through Venmo?

Unlike some other popular mobile payment apps, Venmo does not allow you to order food. Google Wallet or PayPal are two services you should consider if you want to make payments, transfer money, order food, and more all from one platform. There are a variety of convenient features available with both services and they work on a wide variety of apps and websites.


Consequently, many companies are suspending cash payments temporarily to reduce the spread of infections. DoorDash is one of them. To ensure that your favorite food arrives safely at your doorstep, the food delivery service has committed to contactless delivery.

However, DoorDash does not currently accept cash-on-delivery payments, so you will need to find another payment method. Last but not least, purchasing DoorDash gift cards with Venmo balance is a great example of creative thinking. This method only works if you buy your DoorDash gift cards from an establishment that accepts Venmo.

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