Do Gas Stations Accept Venmo? Answered 2023


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Venmo is a user-friendly mobile payment service, transforming transactions across various sectors, including gas stations. 

But Do Gas Stations Accept Venmo? and What are the ones that do! This blog post will delve into the application of Venmo QR codes for gas station payments. Read on to know How to Use Venmo at Gas Stations That don’t accept it!

Do Gas Stations Accept Venmo?

Do Gas Stations Accept Venmo? - FintechHop

Yes, Venmo can be used to pay for gas and other purchases at gas stations that accept online payments. 

However, only some gas station apps also allow Venmo as a payment method.

What Gas Stations Accept Venmo / Which fuel stations allow payments through Venmo?

Chevron and Texaco have pioneered accepting Venmo payments directly at their pumps. 

Simply integrate your Venmo account with the Chevron app and you’re set to easily pay for your fuel.

How to use Venmo at Gas Stations?

Gas stations like Chevron permit direct Venmo payments through their app. Texaco, owned by Chevron’s parent company, follows the same procedure.

Here’s how:

  1. Install the specific gas station’s app on your phone (like Chevron or Texaco).
  2. In the app, find the option to add a payment method.
  3. Select Venmo and link your account.
  4. When at the gas station, use the app to choose Venmo as your payment method.

Follow the provided instructions to pay for your fuel using Venmo.

How to Pay For Gas Using Venmo QR Code?

To pay for gas using a Venmo QR code, open the Venmo app and select ‘Scan’ on the home screen.

Scan the QR code at the gas pump and confirm the payment. If the pump’s QR code isn’t working, use the ‘Show to Pay’ option in the Venmo app at the cashier’s desk. 

If the pump’s QR code is not functioning:

  1. In the Venmo app, select ‘Scan’ then ‘Show to Pay’.
  2. Let the cashier scan your QR code and confirm.

Remember, not all stations accept Venmo QR codes, but a Venmo card is accepted wherever the Master Card is. Always keep your Venmo app updated for seamless transactions.

How to Use Venmo at Gas Stations That don’t accept it?

If a gas station doesn’t accept payments through the Venmo app directly, there are still alternative solutions to get around this issue.

1. Venmo Card:  Use your Venmo debit or credit card like any traditional card at gas stations accepting Mastercard or Visa.

2. PayPal Transfer:  Since Venmo and PayPal are not directly connected, you can link a common bank account to both services. Transfer your Venmo balance to this bank account, then move it to PayPal. Use PayPal at gas stations that accept it.

  •   Link bank account to PayPal and Venmo
  •   Transfer money from Venmo to bank
  •   Transfer money from bank to PayPal

3. Google Pay:  Link your Venmo debit card to Google Pay, and use it at gas stations that support Google Pay.

Remember, the process may involve transaction times and potential fees. Always double-check each step for a smooth transaction.

What is the highest sum of money one can send using the Venmo platform?

Venmo, as of September 2021, enables weekly transfers up to $4,999.99 for verified members, while new users have a $299.99 limit. 

Ensure to verify any potential policy updates since this timeframe.

Troubleshooting Venmo Transaction Errors

Experiencing issues with transactions on Venmo might be due to:

  1. Inadequate account balance.
  2. Usage of a VPN app, which could disable troubleshooting.
  3. Your bank refused the transaction.
  4. Venmo’s security protocols being triggered by the transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Venmo QR code at a gas station?

To use a Venmo QR code at a gas station, open your Venmo app, tap ‘Scan’ to open the QR scanner, and scan the provided QR code at the gas station’s payment terminal. 

This will prompt a transaction page on your app where you input the amount and confirm payment.

Can you pay with Venmo QR code anywhere?

Venmo QR code can be used for payments wherever the Venmo QR code payment system is accepted. 

However, not all businesses and merchants have adopted this feature as of July 2023, so its availability varies by location and store.

What stores accept Venmo scans and pay?

Major retailers such as Adidas, Amazon, Coach, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, along with Home Depot, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Samsung, The North Face, Under Armour, Walmart, and Wayfair, all accept payments via Venmo debit and credit cards. 

However, always check with individual stores for the most current payment methods as this information can change over time.

How do I pay for gas with QR code?

To pay for gas with a QR code, open your digital payment app, select the option for ‘QR Code’ or ‘Scan’, and scan the QR code available at the gas pump. 

Once scanned, verify the amount and confirm your payment.


Hope this article helped you answer on the question, do gas stations accept venmo? and if yes how to scan and pay with venmo!

Venmo has become a popular payment platform among many individuals, with a wide range of stores and gas stations accepting it. Nevertheless, certain stations may not support transactions through Venmo.

Fortunately, there are alternative options available to address this issue, such as utilizing the Venmo card, Google Pay, or PayPal as viable alternatives.

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