How To Delete Venmo Account On Android & iPhone Device?


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Venmo is a popular financial App that started out as a free-of-charge peer-to-peer payment app available for iPhones and Android devices. However, sometimes users may no longer wish to have a Venmo account and may want to delete it. 

Despite being a great financial app, there are times when you want to replace it with another app, such as Paypal or Google Wallet. The Venmo account might need to be deactivated and deleted permanently to avoid leaving any traces of financial transactions.

The Things You Must Know Before Deleting Your Venmo Account

Some people prefer to manage their financial information via other platforms despite Venmo’s efficiency and ease of use.

  • Once you delete your Venmo account, you can’t recover your profile

Venmo accounts are permanently closed once they are closed.

Venmo accounts cannot be recovered, but they can be opened again a new one.

  • Before closing your Venmo account, you must transfer your funds

Venmo does not allow unfinished business – all funds must be transferred before account closure.

Before you delete your Venmo account, keep in mind that this may take a few business days.

Give the funds back to the original sender or transfer them to your bank account

You will not be able to delete your Venmo account if you have incomplete transactions on your computer or mobile device.

  • Don’t close your Venmo account until you have saved your transaction history

Federal Regulations may require you to comply with Venmo’s transaction history requirements.

As a result, it’s important to save all these important documents before you delete transactions on the platform.

Steps to Delete Venmo Account

Nevertheless, you can easily delete your Venmo account, but it is recommended to close all pending transactions and clear out the available balance before proceeding.

 Login to Your Venmo account

  1. Open a web browser on your PC.
  2. Visit
Venmo account login

3. Login with your credentials (ID and password)

Check for incomplete transactions

If you still have funds available or transactions pending, Venmo won’t let you close your account. In order to proceed further, any incomplete transactions must be cleared first.

Clear Out Account Balance

Ensure that your Venmo account is empty of all balances. Once you delete the Venmo account, the balance amount will be gone.

Transfer the money into your bank account if you want to keep it. Transfer money from your Venmo accounts to your bank account by clicking “Transfer Money” on the homepage. In most cases, this will take a few business days, but Venmo charges a small fee for instant bank transfers.

Open Venmo Settings

Log in to your account after transferring all your funds, and click “Settings.”

Venmo account settings option

Click on “Close My Venmo Account”

After clicking on the setting then click on “Close My Venmo Account”. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed further.

Click on “Close My Venmo Account”

Are you sure to close your Venmo account?

Are you sure to close your Venmo account

Check your email

Your Venmo account will be closed down when Venmo sends a final email to your account address. You will find a goodbye message along with your transaction history.

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